In 2015, a massive earthquake devastated Nepal.


I'm sure you saw the dramatic headlines and heartbreaking photos of destruction in the news. But what you might not have known is that prior to the earthquake, Nepal was already an impoverished country struggling to survive. Nepal FREED was formed in 2009 to address Nepal's lack of economic development directly caused by lack of access to education. Since the earthquake, Nepal FREED is even more dedicated to bringing hope to Nepal through education and rebuilding communities one project at a time - and we need all the help we can get. Join us in rebuilding schools, filling their classrooms with qualified teachers, and bringing together a community in need. -Founder & President, Jay Tamang



About Us

Founder Jay Tamang grew up in Nepal, and was forced to walk ten miles each way to school, often through treacherous conditions. He formed Nepal FREED in 2009 because he knew many children would not or could not make this journey. Our primary mission is to make education more accessible for the children of Nepal.

What You Can Do

Any contribution of time, money, or awareness helps. Spread the word to friends or organizations who might be interested in working with us or donating to our cause. If you want to get even more involved, we host trips to Nepal to help build schools and improve the infrastructure that has been destroyed in the earthquake.


What We Do

We raise funds to build schools, hire teachers, provide supplies, and ensure an effective and safe education for the children of Nepal. We also make trips to help build the schools and rebuild the community after the 2015 earthquake. 


Life in Nepal

Nepal is an impoverished country whose lack of economic development is directly related to the lack of access to education. Many Nepalese survive by performing manual labor or subsistence agriculture, and live off the most basic necessities in rural areas. Political instability, lack of access to advanced medicine, and poor infrastructure all affect the children of Nepal.